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We are a training practice.

CQC Report

The CQC published their first report into the Surgery's performance in November 2014. It shows how we compare to the national average in a range of areas and highlights where we need to improve our performance. We have made the required prescribing changes and request that our over 65s and "at-risk" patients come in for their flu vaccinations. We are actively working on the other areas with the intention of getting the best possible ratings. To see the report, click here Report Nov 2014 Report Nov 2014


Halstead Surgery Link's talk entitled “Supporting Family Carers of People With Dementia” by Neil Mapes of Dementia Adventure on Tuesday 18th November 2014 was a resounding success. Over 30 people attended and heard Neil give a fascinating talk on his work with Dementia patients and their families. His message was hopeful, optimistic and compassionate. Thank you to Pat and the committee for organising it, to Neil and Jesse from Dementia Adventure for their time. Donations were made to Dementia Adventure by Link and Provide. Provide also presented a cheque to Essex Dementia. Thank you to those organisations too. For more information visit http://www.dementiaadventure.co.uk/

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It is now so much easier to contact your surgery for appointments, prescriptions,feedback and to save time in queues.

Click on the buttons to find out more:

Book Appointments web

Register for SystmOnline and book your GP appointments 24/7  wherever you are. SystmOnline App available in iTunes and Google Play. Once registered, you can also order prescriptions.

26.9.14 SystmOnline is not currently available for users of Apple devices which have iOS 8 installed. The app will be available once it has been approved by Apple.

Order Prescriptions web Nominate a pharmacy and order and collect prescriptions without having to come to the surgery.
Quick Survey web If you would like to fill in our quick survey click the button on the left.
Full Survey web If you would like to fill in our full four page survey click the button on the left.
eForum web Join our Patient Participation eForum and give us your views by email.
Auto Check In Save time queuing at the desk by using the auto check in to tell us you have arrived for your appointment
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Practice Booklet web Our Practice Booklet is now available online as an eBook. Click the button (left) to view it in all its virtual splendour.


















Summary Care Record (SCR)  - We have processes in place to upload any changes to the SCR at least once every working day. If you have opted out of this SCR record process, then you will not have one created and therefore will not have one uploaded.

GP2GP - The practice operates the GP2GP process of transferring patient records electronically both out to new surgeries when our patients move, or in from other practices when patients move in to our area and register with us. This is done through the secure NHS system and speeds up the process of your records being at your new practice.


We are open 8:30am - 6:30pm Monday to Friday, with an extended evening on Mondays from 6:30 - 8:30pm for pre-booked appointments only. Appointments are available during the hours listed below.  Our doctors commence afternoon clinics at 3.30pm and our nurses are available from 1pm or 1.30pm.

The phone lines are closed daily between 1 and 2pm, except for emergencies.

We have a system where you, the patient, decide if you need a telephone consultation with the doctor or a face to face appointment. Please tell the receptionist which you need.

 We will provide

  • Morning and evening surgery.  Face to face and telephone appointments. (Late appointments are available on Monday until 8.30pm). There is a limit to how many patients we can see in a day so you may need to wait for an appointment, but you can book up to 4 weeks in advance.
  • Minor Illnesses Clinic each morning run by our Nurse Practitioners.  This is for those conditions that have not responded to home-treatment.  This clinic may also be useful if you are not sure about the seriousness of a new condition.
  • Urgent Problems Clinic each afternoon for serious conditions that cannot wait until the next day.  You will need to tell the receptionist what the nature of the problem is so the doctor can prioritise the return telephone calls.
  • Clinics for long term conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease etc.  Also contraception and stop-smoking clinics.

 We are not an emergency service.  If you have severe or life threatening symptoms then you should call 999 or go to A+E at Colchester or Broomfield.

 We are not a “Walk-in Centre”.  These are provided at Colchester and Springfield for those patients that feel that their symptoms cannot wait for the next available appointment at the surgery.

We cannot provide a 10 minute face-to-face appointment for everyone who would like one.  We need you to help us by asking for a face-to-face appointment only if it is really necessary.  Our GPs offer telephone appointments which are often more convenient for patients.There is also a lot of advice available on our website and from the local pharmacies about dealing with minor illnesses.  You can also call NHS 111, the new national helpline that has replaced NHS Direct.  Most sore throats, coughs, colds, ear aches, upset stomachs etc do not need a doctor’s advice as they will get better on their own.

Other ways to help us help you –

Phone after 10.30 am for lab results and administrative problems.

 Use the auto check-in.  It is quick and easy and allows receptionists to do other tasks. It saves you having to queue.

 Order and collect prescriptions from the chemist rather than reception – it is more efficient for everyone. (If you prefer to collect from reception, we have a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week telephone line where you can leave your prescription requests- 01787 479889).

 Use the online booking facility to make appointments. To register for our online service, please come to the surgery with ID (Passport or driving license) and ask for a user name and password. Once you have registered for SystmOnline you can book via the internet. An App is available in the iTunes store for iPad and iPhone users.

Use our website www.elizabethcourtauld.gpsurgery.net for advice, addresses and links to other services. You can also call NHS111 for advice 24 hours a day.

Please cancel your appointment if you no longer need it, so we can see someone else.

If you are late for an appointment, please ask reception staff to find out from the clinician if they will be able to see you during that clinic. Our clinics are mostly fully booked and we are not always able to fit in late arrivals. It is unfair on patients who have arrived on time to be made to wait for ones who have been "fitted in".

Please be patient and polite to our staff – they are here to help you.

Advanced Access - Once your GP has agreed that your appointment request is appropriate they will be able to book you an advanced appointment, usually up to 6 weeks ahead.

For more information on how to register, please read 'Our Services' page.

The Surgery is a training practice. Our current registrars are Dr Atul Lotlikar and Dr Geetu Khalsa. They see a small number of patients each day and are mentored and trained closely by Dr Prasad and Dr Kreis-Alsayed. As part of their training a few consultations may be video recorded. If yours is one of these, you will be asked for your permission before the consultation. You are free to decline the request if you so wish. Recording will be done to help train the doctors by analysing the consultation afterwards.


8.30am – 1.30 pm

1.30pm – 6.30pm (6.30pm to 8.30pm by appointment only)


8.30am – 1.30 pm

1.30pm – 6.30pm


8.30am – 1.30 pm

1.30pm – 6.30pm


8.30am – 1.30 pm

1.30pm – 6.30pm



8.30am – 1.30pm


1.30pm - 6.30pm

Appointments outside Surgery Hours

For urgent appointments outside our normal surgery hours, please call the Out of Hours servcie on: 01787 475944. Calling our number will divert you to this service. You can always call NHS 111 for health care advice out of hours, calls are free.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Patients can use the Electronic Prescription Service. This will allow you to NOMINATE your pharmacy of choice. Once you have done this you don't have to come back to the surgery to pick up your prescription. We will send it electronically to your nominated pharmacy and you can go there to pick up your medications. For more information see the EPS website

Prescription Order Line

Please telephone 01787 479889 anytime of the day or night. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message. Please give us;

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • The items you require from your repeat prescription list.
  • Allow 2 working days to prepare your prescription.
  • The name of the NOMINATED pharmacy where you would like to collect your prescription. (Give us the name and address of your chemist - there are two Boots, two CoOp and two Day Lewis Pharmacies in the area not to mention all the other options.

You can request prescriptions online (once you have registered for SystmOnline), please click here.
To e-mail your repeat prescription requests, click here or use the 'Repeat Prescriptions' link on 'Our Services' page.


How information about you helps us to provide better care. Confidential information from your medical records can be used by the NHS to  improve the services offered so we can provide the best possible care for everyone.

It is important that we, the NHS, can use this information to plan and improve services for all patients. We would like to link information from all the different places where you receive care, such as your GP, hospital and community service, to help us provide a full picture. This will allow us to compare the care you received in one area against the care you received in another, so we can see what has worked best.

You have a choice.

If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything.

If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to practice staff or ask at reception for a copy of the leaflet “How information about you helps us to provide better care”. Click on this link cd-leaflet-01-14.pdf cd-leaflet-01-14.pdf to see it online.

We will make sure that the way we use information is in line with the law, national guidance and best practice. Reports that we publish will never identify a particular person.

More information can be found here at the website www.nhs.uk/caredata or by calling the dedicated patient information line on: 0300 456 3531. This line also offers translation and text phone services.


If you would like to fill in our quick (only 1 question!) patient survey - click here .  Alternatively fill in one of the little slips on the counter in reception and pop your form in the box next to it.

The Quick Patient Survey gives us a monthly score to allow us to monitor what you think of our services. Scores can range from a low score of -100 to a maximum for excellent service of 100 depending on how many more people would recommend us than not. A score that is positive (i.e., higher than zero) is felt to be good, and a score of over +50 is excellent.Our scores so far are:

Quick Patient Survey - Month Score
January 2014 -21
February 2014 +19
March 2014 -11
April 2014 -6
May 2014 +15
June 2014 +6
July 2014 +71

From 1 August 2014 the question changed to one with 6 answers. The calculation method changed too. Under the new survey scores can range from 0-100. Anything over 50 suggests that more people are Extremely Likely to recommend the service than those who are neutral or don't rate it too highly.

FFT - Quick Patient Survey - Month Score
August 2014 +60
September 2014 +44
October 2014 +58

The 2013-14 Patient Survey is now complete and the results can be read by clicking here Patient Survey Results 2013-14.pdf Patient Survey Results 2013-14.pdf.


The Surgery set up a Patient Participation Group in 2011. They have helped formulate an Action Plan for improvements to service in 2013-2014. We have written a report showing how we engaged patients in helping us shape services.  The report includes minutes of the meeting, patient survey results for January - September 2012 and a report on progress against last year's action plan together with an action plan for 2013-2014.

The second stage of involvement was to set up an email forum where patients can respond by email to suggestions/plans we are considering. This year they have given feedback on our appointments system which have been taken into account in future changes to it. Details and application forms are in the waiting room. If you wish to take part, please send your name, date of birth, email address and the sentence "I give consent for you to email me when you want to gather patient opinions on aspects of the surgery's service" to the email below. We will then add you to our patient participation email address book and contact you throughout the year.

Send your emails to courtauld.patients@nhs.net    This email is not monitored daily and we cannot reply to unsolicited emails.

To read a copy of the report  click on this link: Patient Participation Group Report 2013 2014.pdf Patient Participation Group Report 2013 2014.pdf

To read a copy of the Action Plan click here: PRG Action Plan 2013 2014 FINAL.pdf PRG Action Plan 2013 2014 FINAL.pdf

From April 2013 the Surgery will be subject to inspection by the Care Quality Commission. Click on their panel on the right of this page for more information or you can watch the YouTube video here to find out more

Live Well in Braintree District

There is a new Live Well programme in the Halstead area. Braintree District Council aims to develop outdoor areas for people to enjoy (cycle paths and green open spaces), increase activity for all by improving accessibility and promoting free and or affordable activities and raise awareness of Health and Wellbeing initiatives. You can find out more by visiting their website. Click this link to see what is happening in our area.



The Surgery is an active Clinical Research Practice. We are currently taking part in a number of clinical reserach projects covering disease areas like Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction. Dr Daniella Kreis-Alsayed is our Research Lead and Sue Cole is our research coordinator.

Sue Cole has had one of her research papers published in the British Medical Journal. You can read her findings from research at the surgery here in Halstead by clicking the link below to see her paper on asthma inhaler usage in young adults:

BMJ Research Paper Sue Cole 2013 BMJ Research Paper Sue Cole 2013

If you would like to learn more about clinical research and how you can get involved, click on this link to read our guide:

(GP)PPG_PRG_leaflet V0_8_110712.pdf (GP)PPG_PRG_leaflet V0_8_110712.pdf


  Click here to visit the NHS Mid Essex CCG website

If you don't know who to ask, ask....PALS. Patient Advice and Liaison Service. See 'More pages' for information about this service.
            For more health advice click on 'More pages' at the top of this page.

If you would like to make a comment about our services on the NHS choices website please click here.


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